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Scientifically,  Muscadines are known as Vitis Rotundifolia Grapes or more technically, berries. They are native of Southeastern USA and have naturalized as far as South Delaware. You may have eaten Muscadines all your life, that is, if you live in the South East.  These berries are open individually within a loose cluster and are not synchronized like bunch grapes. They are big, delicious and are individually harvested.

Muscadines are different from common grapes (vitis vinifera) as they are grown in the hot, humid, disease-prone climate and the growing conditions make them different. Common grapes are grown in cooler, milder and less stressful climates. Like our immune system which provides more disease-fighting phenolic compounds (antioxidants), when under attack, Nature’s Pearl Premium Muscadine grapes produce more phenolic compounds when under stress from fungal disease. Studies have revealed that the highest levels of these potent compounds when under stress from fungal disease.

Studies have revealed that the highest levels of these potent compounds are in the seeds.